Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still learning

Since I started the e-learning course at uni I have been finding blogs that I like to read and I am garnishing some great information from them.
I have been inspired by Jeff Utech to set up a facebook page for fans, here is Jeff's. Sounded bloated to me, but basically it is a page for a public profile. This keeps my private life private, and when I am a teacher, if a student wants to friend me I can explain that I reserve friends for family, however I have this other page.
There has been a lot written about student/teacher relationships on social media sites, and then some more. This is a good post about how to handle social media when students are involved. And so today I have been setting up my new page, my sister was my first fan- isn't that nice- and attempting to link my twitter account with my facebook page and my blog with facebook and...I think I need a diagram! I am getting linked (and no I'm not even going to look at that site!) in my web2.0 world, oh yeah, how could I forget? I accomplished my first status update via mobile phone. Not a big accomplishment for some, and I'll probably cringe at some stage in the future, if I re-read this post, at how easily I am excited by small accomplishments.
Each step takes me further down the road, but there is no end in sight as technology keeps advancing...BRING IT ON.

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