Friday, October 1, 2010

Another movie making tool

Well, I have just made my first video blog post using Moviestorm. It was quite an easy process, if a little time consuming (1.5hrs)
This would be an entertaining way to add some information to a class wiki or blog, and by saving the movie it can easily be edited as required from class to class or year to year, without having to spend the time making a new movie each and every time.
The music is still a little loud, but this could be tweaked if I wasn't more concerned about the study that I should be doing instead :)
Moviestorm is more complex than Xtranormal, but in my opinion you also get a more polished feel to the finished product. The file size is also quite large with my short movie being just under 20MB.
Oh yeah, I would also smile at the end :-)

Without any further ado, here is My Procrastination....

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  1. Kyyyylieee! Don't publicise the fact that you procrastonate!!! lol At least I know I'm not the only one at the moment... but I have a good reason, avoiding exam revision due to the fact a big assignment is due for presentation (yes, presentation, not submission) on tuesday as part of celebration day! Good luck for you exams if I don't see you again before you do them!