Saturday, July 9, 2011

Podcasts and blogs in the classroom

Below are some thoughts by others, that I have collected, regarding the use of podcasts and blogs in the classroom.
I had mention the Student blogs post by Chris Ludwig in a previous post and I now think that these blogs could be used as samples to show my future students until I have some work completed by my own students to use as samples.

Student blogs by Chris Ludwig to be used as exemplars? Blog post on student blogging.

How to integrate Podcasting into science and math classes by David Wetzel on Teaching Science and Math blog
 Learning: Ways Students Use Podcasts
The following are ways students use podcasts to support their learning science or math concepts.
  • Student groups create a specific potion of a unit studied in class. These podcasts provide a downloadable review for students to use when studying for a unit test. The podcasts are posted on the class web page or wiki. Each podcast should be limited to 5 - 6 minutes to promote clear and concise summary of key concepts.
  • Students create a podcast to supplement their research and findings during science or math project based learning activities.
  • Students create a virtual tour related to a science or math unit. For example - rainforests, landfills, geometry found on the playground, algebra applications in a skate park, etc.

Benefits of Podcasts
So what are the benefits of podcasting (audio and/or video) in science and math classes?
  • Reinforces concepts studied in class for both auditory and visual learners.
  • Reinforces writing and reading skills as students prepare their own podcast scripts.
  • Increasing parent communication, since parents have access to the class web page or wiki.
  • Provides another teaching and learning strategy for helping students in being successful in science or math.
Why Use Podcasts?
It is time to take advantage of our students’ status as digital citizens. Students use iPods, iPod Touches, MP3 players, and computers everyday; use these digital tools to create podcasts to support teaching and learning.
Excerpt taken from:
How to integrate Podcasting into science and math classes

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