Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twelve months later....

Wow, I can hardly believe that it has been over a year since I last posted. The time has flown by as it invariably does when you are head down and tail up.

In the last twelve months I have completed my teaching internship and degree. I have a job starting at Gin Gin State High School this year teaching maths from Year 8 students to Year 12 Maths B students. I consider myself fortunate to have landed this permanent job as it is a great school with great staff and students.

Being a registered teacher I will now need to log my professional development hours. I have decided to keep this blog and use it for that purpose as the PD I complete will continue my learning journey.

Over these holidays I am setting up edStudios for each of my classes to use. An edStudio is a bit like a wiki but it is in a walled garden. I place the required resources and links that the students will need to complete the course in the studio. The idea is that if students miss a day or two of school they can catch up on the missed work prior to coming to class...that is my hope at any rate.

I am excited and nervous about the coming year. True to my personality I am trying to over prepare now to take some pressure off later in the term. Of course I can't prepare too much incase things change as I'm told they invariably do in education.


I am looking forward to my graduation ceremony in April. I believe we need to celebrate important occasions in our lives and this is my first degree (I am a late bloomer), so I will celebrate that piece of paper! I would still like to do my Masters in Educational Multimedia, but that can wait a year or two until I find my rhythm :-)

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