Monday, August 9, 2010

Embedding Google docs into blogs etc

While cruising through my Twitterverse tonight I came across this wiki page, Porchester Curriculum Resource Bank  with the following information...

Q) How do I put my Google Docs work into my Learning Space?

- Open a NEW Internet browser window and log into your learning space.

- Copy this code; (which you will have to go to the afore mentioned blog to see as when I put the text in it is just not happening..).

- Change the red writing to the location of your work

- In your learning space, compose a new post and click on the "HTML" tab. Now paste the code into the box.

- Return to your Google Docs work. Now go to publish it.Copy the URL (the address in the whitebar at the top of the screen)

- Replace the Red text in the code with the URL of your work.- Give your work a title, choose a category, then save it. Done!

So, of course I had to give it a go and I have managed to embed the survey results from my previous post. Check them out!

A great way to lets the kids see the results on their class wiki/web page/blog or what ever.


  1. Kylie, for drawings, documents, forms and presentations (alas, not spreadsheets), a much easier way to embed is the built-in Share -> 'Publish to Web'. (Built-in spreadsheet publishing currently publishes to a web page, but embedding used to be an option, so it will probably be available in the 'publish to web' screen again in the near future).

    Otherwise, great post, and it was interesting to see the results of your classes survey.

  2. Thanks Pete,
    In the future I will probably use the publish to web option for class wiki's or web pages.
    I haven't used all of Google's features yet so I am having fun using them and hoping to remember how to for when I need them in the future.