Friday, August 20, 2010

My son's Blabbermouth

Here is my Mii son


  1. Kylie, loved both of the Blabbers you posted, they were both very sweet, and the second gave me a laugh at the end... did your son finally get the giggles near the end??

    On a more professional note, a very interesting tool that I have heard of in eLearning with Wendy, but not yet gotten around to playing with. I feel that it may be better than Vokis, though, as you can use your own voice, as opposed to the text-to-speech nature of Vokis. As with vokis, I see the potential for this to be used to present different perspectives for a issues, to add some audio and colour to a otherwise flat webpage/blog/etc, and a way to jazz up that presentation or document.

  2. Hi Pete,
    I agree, Voki's have a definite place and use but I find that they can take awhile to load. The Blabbers however can be saved as a wmv file and onto your own computer so you never have to worry about broken links.
    By keeping the sound file separate the image can be changed, to say another students picture from a different class, to deliver the same information in a personalised way.