Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning styles 2

As apparent from my previous post, I have undertaken some online personality typing questionnaires. These online tools, I believe, are an invaluable resource in helping to consolidate 'I'm okay, you're okay' mindsets.
While I'm pleased with the resource and I can see its value in helping me to understand my students personality types and learning styles- my ability to do this unaided is lacking- so that I may arrange my LEP's accordingly. I am inherently disappointed that it is so easy to classify people and, that unsavory traits may be quite hard to alter/change as they are embedded in who we are. I don't like such fatalism.

However, ICT's are great for all learning styles; interactive for the kineasthetic, you tube, read from the screen for visual, podcasts and the computer will even read it to you for the auditory learners. There are many more applications and there is something for every learner, I am the one who needs to link and scaffold the process for them in keeping with Oliver's learning design framework.

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  1. In particular, with the Learning styles inventory, it is about being positive, identifying strengths in learning and access to information. The less-favoured learning styles can be regarded as opportunities - strengthen these, and you can significantly enhance learning!