Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Map

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I can see Google my maps being used in every subject at school. It is important for students to have a basic knowledge of the world at large and by using my maps this can easily be achieved in any subject as everytihng came from 'somewhere'.
If the students were to find this 'somewhere' in my maps I feel that it would help with their deeper understanding and contextualisation of topics. Exactly where did that something come from i.e a person, a product, an invention, an animal and so on, and how does it relate to what I know. Also, kids will just love playing with it.

My Maps is a perfect tool for students to relate, create and donate with (Keirsley & Schneiderman) via creation of their own maps to which they upload their photographs for others to utilise. The students could put together a tourist map pack for visitors to the region in collaboration with the local council or information board. This would also have the students thinking about things from a perspective other than their own, how do other people see their home town?


  1. Hay Kylie,
    This is so cute. Its a great way to share family photos hay.
    If you want the music to end earlier, you should download the Audacity software that Wendy talked about in class, I used it and it was really easy.
    Great looking vid darling.

  2. Thanks Bernie,
    I think it is a great tool. I ended up cutting the song off by dragging the time line in to just the right spot. I did find that it was what I consider a large file to upload 7mg and I think this would be too big to have too many students doing it at once. So group work would be good I think and voice overs with background music maybe as we can't always fluff it out while we wait for a song to finish!