Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Weebly website

What could I possibly use my own website for? It is after all an ultimate multimodal tool that may hold many resouces or links to resouces as well as having embeded items that can enhance learning for all learning styles and this relates to Oliver's learning framework.
Well, I can have more than website hosted by weebly and, they are free. At my last tutorial Wendy introduced me to the weebly website. Through this website I was lead in steps, by Wendy, to setting up my own website, you can find my Website here. Weebly has templates for the page layout that you drag and drop where you want them to go. There are tabs to add pages, multimedia items, RSS , order forms, product descriptions and many more.
I can use a weebly design for my header or I can create my own. It is all very easy to set up and I can alter my website at any time.
So, back to my question, what could I possibly use my own website for? Well, I am going to create a webquest, but I'll address that in another posting.
The web site is static, that is, generally they are created and then left that way. Therefore I would want to use a website for information that wasn't going to change radically over the period of time required by me.
My ideas are still forming and require some more reflection however, I could use a website for each class that I teach. A specific website for each individual class would outline what will be completed in that class for the year ,broken down into terms, a lot like a course profile actually. Included would be outcomes to be achieved, criteria to met and how we aim to achieve this. Also would be assessment details and contact details for myself along with various links such as to the QSA, Dept. Education, and whatever the current cirriculum is. I could also embed a short introductory video or avatar.

This would give the students knowledge of what is to come and what is expected of them for the year/term. Forewarned is forearmed and the student's will not feel left in the dark during the year. It is also a medium that students may access while away from school which gives tem choice in keeping with Oliver's framework, or even if they travelled during the year with their parents they could still keep abreast of the course happenings.

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