Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My tagcrowd experience

Where there is a will there is a way and, if someone needs it, someone will create it! I really like this site,, as it quickly and easily picks out the main theme or tag words in any text that is copied onto the site. This is brainstorming computer style! If I ask students to pick out the main theme for a piece of writing and, whether or not I was aware of their use of this application, I would have to ensure that I question the students to ascertain their level of understanding about the theme and how they came to their conclusion of the main theme I think, just to be safe, as it is no good having students know about these sites if they are then not required to think for themselves.
This site would be perfect for scaffolding learners prior to them reading a book or passage so that they may more easily construct their knowledge about the text as they progress through the text, having had a preview into what the text is about and the ensuing class discussion. In keeping with Oliver's framework, this site provides a scaffolding tool for the teacher to use and a resource for students themselves to use in order to gain another perspective on an item they may not have picked up themselves.

Can you guess what the topic of text I used was?

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