Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thank you Wendy for showing me this site!!!
I have a lad with whom I do some reading activites, I try to keep it interesting and different as reading is not his first love.
The best reading activity I have planned to date has been when we have read and comprehended a recipe for peppermint lollies and then made them the following week (after re-reading the recipe of course)...We really enjoyed the eating part. However this is a great site and I have chosen the below book for my next session with my boy. I can see his face light up now as I sit him at the computer!!

Some feedback on reading session... my lad was quite surprised when I sat him in front of the computer and he got to listen to the story prior to reading it himself. The only drawback I found for using it as a reading tool, was that I could not have a single page read at a time, the audio kept running and when sound was turned back on it could be on any page at all. Apart from that he was engaged the entire time and only stopped reading when I said to, the halfhour flew by!
This application fits well with Oliver's resources being multimodal and it assists different learning styles as you can read with or without the narrative.

With this site you can also make your own e-books. This is a great tool for teaching students about the different sections of a book, the sentance, paragraph and page structure of a book and to have the children think deeply about what actually makes a book a book. It is also in keeping with Keirsley & Schneiderman's Learning Engagement Theory as students get to relate to the story's available and children's joy in using the site, create their own ebook and donate the e-book for other children to enjoy on the site.

Students could create an ebook (password protected) to showcase their term holidays via pictures or drawings and a narrative with voice over. Students would need to use creativity in their display and higher order thinking to ensure their book ad correct structure and other parts as required.
I think it should be mandatory that by Grade 7 every child has made an e-book! What a display of student enthusiam and engagement there would be. For privacy and security e-books may be sealed with a password to prevent public access.

Myebook - Puss in Boots - click here to open my ebook e-book from

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