Saturday, August 1, 2009

Arched toadstools

Arched toadstools
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While browsing through some photo's on Flickr I found this pearler.

I got lost in Rome for awhile...This application is a treasure trove of photo's on every subject imaginable. I searched fungi after finding this photo and the range is exquisite!
Students could easily be directed to flickr to find images on any topic they are studying and find a plethora of images awaiting them.
Students could also upload photo's they take for various projects or experiments and add to this on line library which works in well with Keirsley & Schneiderman's relate, create, donate and also with Oliver's authentic and multimodal tasks.
Some photo's are able to be used in the way I have used this one and others require licensing which must be paid for, but then if you really love the photo you'll pay. I didn't check how much the cost was as I'm currently not interested and there are plenty of other photo's I can use. Another benefit of using flickr is that the details of the photo's origins come with it and I don't need to find the correct way to reference it!

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