Monday, August 3, 2009

You Tube

You Tube has really exploded onto the scene since its inception around 5 years ago if I remember correctly. So much so that you can find a video on virtually any topic. A careful search of you tube will produce many video's or animations, that following Oliver's multimodal theme, I could use as another delivery method to help my students grasp a complex idea.

Through my biological studies I have followed links to some spectacular animations on DNA and cellular reproduction. The visuals in these clips have helped me to construct my knowledge on the topics and it would certainly do the same for my students and, the media side of you tube makes it more engaging than reading a text book and is supportive of Keirsley and Schneider's engagement theory. You tube is a great medium for visual learners however I would suggest finding and embedding the links you like as there could be anything out there including rubbish that does not correspond to our version of reality.
I found this short clip, to show you, by a man who is entertaining and has put out a series of science experiments done at home...I have not however watched them all and I don't know if they are safe to try.

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