Friday, August 7, 2009

Soccer day free

Now that I have worked out my uploading glitch I can load up my new version of soccer day which includes a light and lively musical number which I sourced from the royalty free music site. This version is copyright free!!

As I had mentioned previously but I have since deleted in trying to fix the copy right issues and upload new clip, I believe that this medium is great for many uses. Students could use this method to deliver presentations, a sporting or other team journey through the year could be documented in this manner and handed to the members at the close of the year as a momento of their involement. Maybe this could even be done using each students school photo's through the years as a life compendium?

This is an area where students can be given creative licence and with sites such as incompetech for the royalty free music, The Learning Place with its licence free clip art and flickr for its wide range of creative commons pictures, the students choices are virtually limitless and this fits well with both Keirsley & Schneiderman's engagement theory and with Oliver's learning theory.

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