Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here is an online graphic organiser or mind mapping tool. is simple to use and free. As you can see from the above image the boxes can be of various colours and the black lines are like elastics, you may move a box and it stays linked to other boxes as the lines streeetch.

In teaching, mind maps are priceless, whether as an advance organiser that is done for the students benefit or as one done by the students when planning their assignments. It could also list responsibilites for individual people in group work and what those people are discovering/doing; as I haven't mentioned, these graphics can be shared with others and they can either add to the graphic or it can be a read only file.
This tool aligns with Oliver's theory as it is great visual tool that may be used by the students to scaffold their learning and progress, it is also a great tool for collaboration as it may be added to and/or altered by many students.

My graphic organiser was prepared on the website.


  1. Hi Kylie,
    I am amazed with the possibilities this tool creates within the classroom. Have you thought about how the tool could be used to its full potential? Maybe think about using it with an interactive whiteboard and allow students to work collaboratively or through joint construction with a teacher.

  2. Hi stao1,
    That is a wonderful idea, I can see the students lining up to put their ideas up on the board in a box they design and link as they construct their ideas!
    It could be used for brainstorming as a group and students add to it as they get their ideas. The picture can be saved and returned to at the end of a work unit to see how student perception has changed over the period of time. Probably constructing a new mind map to compare and contrast side by side with the original one.
    Thank you for the inspiration!