Thursday, August 20, 2009

The new wave

I have just been listening to the MP3 file from the skype conference held earlier today with Scot Aldred as compare. Scot mentioned Goggle Wave as the next thing to watch out for, so naturally I googled Google Wave while listenting to the skype conference. Sorry guys but I'll have to catch the rest of the conference later as I switched over to the video on Wave.

What a great tool for collaboration and keeping all the information together. I can see that I'd have to keep things quite separate and be sure that anyone that was later added to a wave would not be exposed to information that was never intended to be shown to them. You can have private messages within the wave however, if someone is added to the wave later you'd have to make sure that you hadn't earlier discussed what you were purchasing for their birthday so to speak or they could replay the wave and find out who didn't want to spend that much money on them!

Replaying of a wave is a handy tool that would allow a learning manager to see which students had contributed and edited postings and the order in which these were done. The wave can be added to a blog which can then be commented on within the blog and the comments show up instantly on the wave. Media may be added to the wave and comments made at any point within the wave which helps prevent meaning getting lost within the trail of messages. The wave may be edited simultaneously by multiple people. This means that a group of students could all work on their group project at a given time from the comfort of their own homes.

I won't go on any more, go and have a look at the video, it is quite comprehensive - running for nearly one and a half hours. They are hoping to release Google Wave later this year after some feedback form the trial. I have only seen the first 30 minutes of the video and I think it looks great, I'll be back for more tomorrow when my eyes can stay open!

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