Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creative commons, copyright, royalty free music and still frame animation

On the tutorial given by Wendy on the 5 August, I learnt about creative commons and attribution, which is acknowledging where the work came from, copyrights and royalty free music.
With copyright laws, the easiest rule to remember is the 10% rule, do not use more than 10% of any given work unless you have received permission from the author/creator of the work.
Wendy also showed a wonderful site incompetech where there is royalty free music that may be downloaded and used for free, this is great news as it gives the students some music they can use for their assignments without worrying about any copyright breeches.

When including links to various webpages you must also be aware of copyright legislation. Your link must take people to the home page for the website, not a page within the website as information is then taken out of context and not in the manner that the creater intended. You may of course try to contact the webmaster and ask permission to have links to various pages and they may say yes with some provisios.

I am having problems loading my still frame animation that I hope you'll like, and it is copyright free, unlike my earlier posting with the Hot music that has now been removed!

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