Saturday, August 1, 2009

Voice thread

Voice thread is an application where you can upload photo's or files and have these commented on in a variety of ways by many different people. The various ways to comment on the uploaded item satisfies Oliver's multimodal requirement and it gives students a choice, which is in regards to in which manner they would like to comment, verbally, text, uploading of their own item, webcam, or via phone and if they would like to annotate the item in question using the drawing tool.

As for using it in education...Students could comment on an item, should probably have a time limit imposed, without interruptions and be able to alter or delete what they say; it's a bit hard to permenantly delete something when you are discussing in person!
All of the comments could be collated into a general view or statistical information and, students could see the opinions of others in their class or group and use this as a basis for their reflection on whatever the topic is and whether or not their initial opinion has been altered. Mmm, this could be used for many subjects as well...a tricky math problem, a piece of poetry, current affairs.
This tool facilitates connectivism and collaboration within the cohort which is a feature of Oliver's learning framework along with giving the students multiple perspectives that is also a feature of Keirsley & Schneiderman's Engagement theory.
By using this application it would make the thinking of the students visible to their teacher and classmates, good for modelling thinking patterns.

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