Friday, August 14, 2009

Comment moderation

This blog continues to be a source of information and reflection for me.
I have had to revert to moderating comments placed on my blog after a third party replied to numerous postings I had made using generic comments that advertising was attached to!

I am sorry to all of you that wished to read this advertising, I just did not want it on my blog.

This has reinforced for me the importance of monitoring students use of blogs and the comments they place, along with the benefits of 'The Learning Place' being a walled garden, meaning I don't need to worry about third parties sticking their nose in!

Constructive criticism as always is welcomed!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tip Kylie. I have had no wories, mostly because I have had little commenting but its always good to be aware of problems that may pop up along the way.
    I agree that the Learning Place a wonderful tool and safe from prying eyes. It seems to have great student safety.
    I do think we all have to remain really vigilant in our supervisory roles though. It is increasingly distressing to see how cruel students can be to one another. We may not have to worry about protecting them from 3rd parties, but from each other as well.
    I do think that if properly monitored it is still one of the most exciting resources we have ever seen.