Friday, August 7, 2009


I have had a play around with class marker and I find that it is much like the online quizzes that I have taken during my university studies. I have found these online quizzes to be great as it has helped me with my revision and let me know how my memory retention is going. Also if I get a question incorrect I receive a correct answer at the end of the test, and so I can correct my recall. These online quizzes align well with Oliver's theory and Keirsley & Schneiderman's theory as they to engage the students, provide instant feedback (teaching machine), and when the correct questions are asked can greatly assist me in designing my lessons by giving the students an avenue in which to express their thoughts. For example if I was to provide a learning styles questionnaire and some questions giving choices for student interests so that I may align lessons with student interests to facilitate their engagement.
I think that any opportunity to help students embed their learning is worthwhile, so I can see that I will be using this for my students in the future as we are supposed to give them every opportunity to succeed and help them along the way. Therefore the test I have created is short and sweet, you get immediate feedback on what the correct answer is and you may have unlimited attempts at the quiz to keep testing your knowledge as you go.

Having students stats automatically calculated to see how they are progressing would be a great tool and being able to provide students with feedback such as best score to date would entice those students who like to know these things and improve each time. Here is the link to my quiz!

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  1. Thanks! I'll have a go at this myself. I'll probably spend the rest of the night at it...