Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lizard - no copyright

I am now wiser thanks to the tutorial Wendy gave on the 5 August on copyright laws. As a result I have removed a posting from my blog and I have replaced it with this copyright free lizard. If you like my lizard still frame movie feel free to copy it!

Now, I have had a lot of troubles uploading this video and after wasting a lot of time going through help pages I realised I had not saved the video in the manner I should have. So, without further ado, here is LIZARD!

During the tutorial on copyright and the 10% rule (that is a rule that is easy to remembre) Wendy showed us the incompetech website where copyright free music is available for downloading and use. There is a great variety of musical styles available from this website and it is perfect for back drops to home movies and student projects.

Both still frame movies and the royalty free music website give students scope for choice and creativity. Still frame movies align with Keirsley and Schneiderman's engagement theory when the students relate to what they are creating and then donate by posting onto their blog or wiki or even website all the while being aware that they have not breached any copyright laws. Still frame movies also offer students another avenue to use when presenting assignments as it is a simple technique with a lot of options available to the students.


  1. I'm going over my material as well. Am still processing copyright restrictions. I can understand the 10% rule, but I seem to absorb information from various sources, and then have to try and remember where I learnt it. It's like walking backwards, to see whether I should reference or not...

  2. I am going to do myself up checklist to remind myself of the various sources and the copyright limits that apply. I would like to also hand a check list to my students prior to them completing any work involving ICT's to ensure that they are aware of their legal requirements as in my role as a learning manager it comes under my duty of care to ensure that they are aware of and are not breaking relevant laws. I think the easiest way would be a simple to use checklist, tick each box and you're done!

  3. Kylie, I must say I am on the way doing this as well, looking through all the posts making sure. I am sure I will find out in a couple of weeks time. Also reading this comment, thanks for the idea of handing a checklist to the students prior to them completing work. A great idea! that way we and them do not overstep the 10% rule and break any laws as you pointed out.